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Packing solutions for students coming to Ireland


Student Ambassador Rohan Gupta from New Delhi, India shares his checklist of everything you’ll need on your new adventure in Ireland. He’s packed a lot into the list but better safe than sorry!

In these times of uncertainty, education has been prioritised. Even though most of the academic year took place online, I think education is something that was very much “certain” during this time.  And although online study hasn’t been the most thrilling experience, deciding to study abroad made the year far more exciting; so what are you waiting for? Take the leap further into the unknown and study abroad in Ireland!

But wait, you’ll need to pack a bag first… I am here to give you all the advice you need when packing for this very special journey in your life.

DCU starter pack (photo: Rohan)


All packed and ready to go (photo: Rohan)

If you are coming to Ireland as an International Student you will witness ‘all the seasons in one single day’ as the locals say.

  • Jackets: In terms of jackets, you should get something that is not that bulky since that single jacket is going to consume so much space in your bag that you won’t be able to fit much else. So, I would suggest you get one jacket which is waterproof as you can then layer it up with other clothes – make sure it’s waterproof though!
  • A pair of waterproof shoes: Don’t pack these in baggage, wear them as they are usually heavy
  • Business Casuals: For any party or official event.
  • Thermals: As I mentioned, layering is great and thermals will keep you nice and warm in the winter.
  • Shirts: About 2-5 shirts will do, depending on you’re style and how often you wear them.
  • Pullovers & Sweaters: These will be your saviour – unlike shirts, sweaters don’t require ironing so are very handy.
  • Mufflers, Scarfs & Shawls: Everyone should have at least one of these three things in their baggage.
  • Masks: This goes without saying but bring plenty!


Pack these in your handbag for easy accessibility.

  • International travel adaptor: For EU style plugs
  • Extension lead: This is going to help you a lot – trust me. There will be times when you have to plug your mobile and laptop together in the EU socket which won’t work out.
  • Earphones/Headphones
  • Mobile charger
  • Data cable: Keep one extra cable.
  • Power bank
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Portable speakers (optional)

Foods, Spices & Snacks

  • Basic spices: Although you will be able to get these here, it’s always nice to pack a few of your favourites just in case.
  • Snacks and Beverages – again, you can get pretty much everything here but it’s good to bring what you like
Essential spices (photo: Rohan)

Personal Stuff

  • Toiletries – don’t forget your hand sanitiser!
  • Family photos
  • Slippers
  • Stationary – saves you buying new!
  • Medicines with your prescription if needed – just pack them in your hand luggage
  • Official educational and work documents with photocopies – keep them handy in your hand luggage
  • COVID locator form confirmation

I hope you found this useful – it’s not everything but if you have all of this, you’ll be just fine!

Rohan is currently doing MSc in Computing at Dublin City University.


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