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Seven Stores To Help You Settle In Cork

Study in Cork - Ireland

Sneha Jheetay is an Indian student studying at UCC, who can’t get enough of the stores that Cork has to offer, making the city her home away from home.
Students coming to Cork often find it challenging to settle down and find stores that they can rely on for groceries and essentials. As Asians, we can’t be far from our spices, herbs and pressure cookers! But carrying them from back home can be expensive and not feasible. Here is a list of some places that proved you can get anything at an affordable price. More importantly, if you’re taking a trip to the City Center, you can do your shopping in bulk and some of the stores mentioned below deliver your goods to your home!

 1. The Asian Store

This place is heaven for South, Middle-East or East Asians because you can get anything and everything your heart desires. From spices, lentils, cereals, to frozen ready to eat meals and fresh vegetables, you can indulge if you miss home! Also, if you’re looking for a butcher, they have one too. And if you overshop (there is no such thing) they help out with deliveries on the same day.

Asian Foods (photo: Sneha)

2. Jia Jia

The store caters primarily to East Asian Cuisines and you can pretty much find every type of noodles/ramen there is! The owners are an absolute delight and do same-day home deliveries. And the most important thing, you get a student discount!  

Jia Jia (photo: JiaJiaMarket)

3. Homestar

There are plenty of places where you can get cutlery and utensils, but as an Asian, I found it challenging to search for my necessities at five different places and then compare prices – until I found Homestar! There is nothing in my Mom’s kitchen that I couldn’t get in there at an affordable price. If you’re out shopping, check this place out!

Home Star (photo: Sneha)

4. Mr Price

 It’s all in the name! You can shop, shop and shop! They have stationery, home essentials, health and beauty products and I am an honest sucker for containers and storage boxes (this place <3).

Mr Price (photo:

5. Penneys

You cannot go to Penney’s and come out empty-handed. Their collection and prices will lure you into buying everything you lay your eyes on (not kidding). The store has clothes, accessories, bags, essentials, make-up, homeware and more. Their winter jackets and coats were a saving grace for light-packers like me who didn’t have much from back home for the cold Irish weather.

Penneys (photo: Sneha)

6. Boots

Moving to another country takes a toll on your health, needless to say, you need your vitamins and minerals in order because you don’t see changes immediately. Consult your doctor, nutritionist, dietician, coach and Mom and get your body and mental health in order here. They have a wide range of skin and hair care products and are a one-stop shop for health and beauty retail (therapy).

Boots (photo:

7. Flying Tiger

 For all things pretty and up to date at 2-3 euros! I’ve bought most of my mugs and plates from here and they have a dedicated section for spices! This small store located on St. Patrick’s street brings so much joy!

Flying Tiger (photo: Sneha)

Sneha Jheety is pursuing an LLM in Business Law in University College Cork.


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