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Get out of your comfort zone: it’s worth it!

Megha Rawat

Getting out of my comfort zone

Settling into a new country can be a real shock when you’re not used to being out of your comfort zone! I like to say that if I can do it, you can too. I have never done anything by myself all 18 years of my life and moving here immediately after high school taught me so much. Like me, you have now taken a step to do this all by yourself, and the very first (and important) thing to do is to let yourself be independent and to make an effort. Maybe we are used to doing things our way in our own country, but now is the time to be prepared for a little challenge. I have never thought about it as a struggle, but more as a challenge, balancing everything from college to making food or money or getting a job or partying with mates.  This has allowed me to realise how much this country had to offer beyond what I could have imagined in the vistas of my mind.

The entrance to Griffith College Dublin, in the heart of the city

My College experience

I think Griffith college has been such an eye opener for me as it’s allowed me to experience so many different cultures in the world. I started my degree in February, which meant I had to study all summer for the previous semester I missed. I can confidently say that this college has made studying so much easier for me; the teachers are so considerate, whether it’s explaining topics or just making available all the resources we need to get good grades.

Making friends

Be open! Be the first one to start a conversation!
Dublin is a very exciting and diverse city, and Griffith college, with such a huge number of international students, gave me the experience of meeting someone from almost every country!
I have been an introvert all my life, and coming here and having so much freedom living by myself has taught me so much about relationships being so valuable. I learned to be social and to get out of my comfort zone by making an effort to talk to people, which has given me so many important friendships and memories to cherish. All these years I have made amazing friends that I know I can hold on to for life!

Megha enjoying the sunshine (it is sunny sometimes!)

Irish culture

Not to scare you, but Irish people are pretty straight-talking, but in a good way! Irish banter rules, and people are not afraid to speak their minds. Working in retail has taught me so much, from having friendly banter with people to complaining about the weather (every time; it’s a thing in Ireland!).
Ireland has a huge and diverse pub culture and almost nothing works without a pint! I remember having my first pint and since then I’ve had some great times at pubs meeting people who I’m in touch with!

Ireland is a country of enthralling scenic beauty, with a history and culture that are present in everything it does! You will love it. And love it more if you get out of your comfort zone – like I did.


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