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Why I chose to study in Ireland


Wondering if Ireland is the right choice? Let Abhiraj Sharma, our Student Ambassador from India, put your mind at ease as he talks us through his decision to study in Ireland. From the cost of college to a good cup of coffee – he’s got it covered!

In 2016, I graduated with a degree in Journalism and after that, I began working but I didn’t think it was the right choice for me. Quitting a job isn’t an easy thing to do, but after getting accepted to study in a renowned university in Ireland, my mind was made up. I was Ireland-bound.

The biggest nightmare for students is the cost of study abroad, it’s one of the most common reasons why students don’t think to study abroad.

National University of Ireland Galway (Photo: Abhiraj)

Scholarships: The best thing about the government in Ireland is that they offer hundreds of scholarships to international students. Some of the scholarships are full fee waiver and some are partial fee waiver. Along with the Irish government, a lot of Irish universities offer various scholarships for international students. I know getting a scholarship may sound like a fairy tale story but trust me, everything is possible if you believe in yourself. I was in the same boat a few months back but, with effort and perseverance, I secured one of the scholarships. It was like a dream come true experience.

Proud to be in Ireland: Irish people are known for their hospitality and welcoming nature, the impressive thing about Irish people is that they make you feel like you are at home.

One language for all: The best thing about the Irish is that they are English speaking. All the lectures are in English!

Top Universities: Ireland has numerous universities with amazing global ranking. The courses in these universities are very well designed. They’re more focused on practical skills and offer one-year master degree courses for international students – which means less time and low cost!

My morning coffee (photo: Abhiraj)

Interesting Irish Culture: Irish culture is popular around the globe. Irish people know how to party and how to make people dance. Ireland has a rich culture, amazing history, friendly environment, it’s safe and they have amazing coffee.

Growth opportunities: Ireland offers a large number of jobs every year in various fields. Lots of companies have their headquarters in Ireland and more companies are planning to move to Ireland. Job growth is one of the major reasons for choosing Ireland as a study destination.

I’m really looking forward to working with my fellow classmates and lecturers and exploring Ireland as much as possible.

Abhiraj is pursuing an MSc in Digital Marketing at the National University of Ireland Galway.


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