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Indian Student Ambassador Ashima Chawla believes Ireland is the land of opportunity. She has been in Ireland for almost six years now and hasn’t looked back. From a Master’s to a PhD, Ashima has taken every opportunity that’s come her way…

Ireland has always been my second home since I arrived first time to Athlone in 2015 for an Ericsson project. I chose Ireland to pursue my higher studies firstly because it is an English-speaking country. The warm reception by the Irish people and the growing ICT sector were also key factors for me to pursue my higher education in Ireland. The pristine environment, scenic landscapes and Irish culture also rank highly among my reasons for choosing Ireland.

In my element (photo: Ashima)

I chose my MSc in Research in Data Science in A.I.T because of my unflinching belief and confidence in the importance of machine learning in the future of engineering. I recommend this course to students who would like to secure their future in Data Science. They can achieve this by learning the algorithms used by technology giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, all of which have their European HQs in Dublin. This course will take you in the right direction.

I chose Athlone Institute of Technology for my MSc because of the wealth of expertise in my field there. I am currently involved in a PhD program with Ericsson after successfully being transferred from my MSc research program. I would like to extend my heartful gratitude towards those involved with the Irish Research Council Scholarship, who gave me this opportunity to pursue my PhD. The staff from Ericsson and AIT are so supportive and friendly.

Presenting… (photo: Ashima)

I wish to extend my special thanks to Mary Simpson and Karl Turley from the International Department who guided me throughout this process. The facilities are excellent. Especially during  COVID  times,  they made sure the necessities were delivered by international ambassadors at the doorsteps of new students. The multinational student body is vibrant. I am a member of a close-knit postgraduate software research group with a wealth of knowledge in the field of Machine Learning and the work that I do daily is exciting.

Fun with friends (photo: Ashima)

It’s been almost 6 years since I first came to Ireland and the way my life has turned from being an Engineering student to a Doctorate student is quite something. I would recommend students from other countries to consider coming to Ireland for higher education to take life in a new promising direction.

Ashima is a PhD student at Athlone Institute of Technology in association with Ericsson.


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